What is Mefy ?

MeFy is an integrated health platform on distributed private blockchain network to diagnose patients accurately based on their health conditions, past health data, treatment adherence and the health parameter measurement from MeFy IOT powered diagnosis device.


Telemedicine - Everyone recognises the importance of telemedicine and its benefits for the larger society as it can enable healthcare access to remotest of places.


IOT - MeFy Edge provides all relevant health statsitics to the doctors in a digital form to diagnose any patient.


AI - Guided prescription, disease diagnosis and supply chain traceability

Roadmap MeFy Solutions

  • 2018

    Data Collection Applications

  • Mar, 2018

    MeFy Care Beta Launched

  • Mar, 2018

    IOT powered diagnosis device MeFy Edge Beta Launched

  • Mar, 2018

    First MeFy Edge Primary Care Clinic setup

  • Mar, 2018

    MeFy Doctor App Alpha Launch

  • Aug, 2018

    MeFy Doctor App Beta Launch

  • Sep, 2018

    MeFy Pharmacy Beta Launch

  • Mar, 2019

    MeFy Edge upgrade to cover 70% of regular tests prescribed by doctors

  • Mar, 2019

    MeFy API and Analytics

  • Jun, 2019

    Guided prescription

  • Dec, 2019

    Diagnose and write prescription

  • Dec, 2019

    Hospital Management


Unified Health Record - Improved decision making by clinicians and other healthcare service providers


Anytime Anywhere Access- MeFy eConsult enables anytime anywhere access using state of the art technology platform


Supply Chain - Resolving counterfeit drugs with complete drugs traceability

MeFy's Milestones

  • Oct, 2014

    Idea Conceived-Oct, 2014

  • Oct, 2015

    Prototype Development started-Oct, 2015

  • Jun, 2016

    MeMe Information Technology incorporated in India-Jun, 2016

  • Mar, 2018

    Beta Launch-Mar, 2018

  • Jun, 2018

    MeFy PTY Ltd incorporated in Australia-Jun, 2018

  • Jul, 2018


  • Apr, 2019

    Global rollout start-Apr, 2019

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