Future of Integrated Decentralised Healthcare Human Platform

Empower developing and underdeveloped nations with Accessible, Affordable and Authentic health care

Improve health standards and quality in rural and impoverished areas

Strong ecosystem of health professionals, Health-care, providers, hospitals, Pharma-companies, research agencies and governments

Develops solutions (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and platform led approach) to create a useful healthcare delivery model

Our Approach

As per IBEF, by 2020 India's telemedicine market will be US$32 million and the diagnostic market will be US$32 billion. MeFy intends to capture 50% of both the market segments by targeting rural and semi urban population which is 70% of India's 1.3 billion population.

Partner with 70% of the hospitals in rural and semi urban areas

Be the leader in Primary and Secondary healthcare

Roll out MeFy Care Clinics (Edge & Nano) in all 29 states (there are close to 5,500 blocks in India. MeFy intends to have 1 MeFy Care Clinic in every block in next 3-5 years).

MeFy will onboard 6 millions subscribers in next 3 years. This will result in millions of transactions every year.

Roll out products and services in Australasia, Africa and South America (MeFy intends to capture 30-40% of market share)

Cost Leadership

An affordable healthcare solution and services
* Currently, we provide healthcare solution and services to 3000 subscribers at 80% lower cost.


Partnership in advance AI and Robotics.
Partnerships with NGOs, hospitals, Doctors, Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical companies, local authorities

Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquisitions in technology and healthcare domain

Diversified Approach

Roll out MeFy care clinics (Edge & Nano) with state of the art technology

Human centric Approach

Facilitating selfcare education and awareness in rural & impoverished areas

Product Differentiation

MeFy’s platform is a complete solution which will be consumed by patients and other entities in its ecosystem

Revenue Model

We are Unique

MeFy’s approach is no longer just driven by advanced technologies. We will be known in the healthcare industry for our unique approach towards making MeFy’s services available and accessible to everyone at the lowest possible cost while still maintaining a sustainable business model.

  • A platform built around Indian market challenges which is one of the top 3 healthcare markets

  • MeFy had the first release of its Edge Device in March 2018. Currently, it has 3000 subscribers.

  • MeFy will be known for its human centric approach

  • Our project targets one of the biggest markets(healthcare) and creates an opportunity to be the market leader (more than 60%)

  • MeFy will roll out brick & mortar clinics to facilitate primary and secondary healthcare

Our Core Team

Sanjay Sinha

Founder | CEO ,Chief Of Technology

Sanjay is the founder of MeFy. He is an entrepreneur, visionary with more than 22 years of experience. He has a deep understanding of Healthcare industry and is an expert in various technologies

Kaushik Kumar

Co-Founder | Sales & Operations

Kaushik is the Co-founder of MeFy. He has 16 years of experience in selling & delivering large strategic engagements. He is an MBA from one of the prestigious MBA schools.

Peter Watt

Acting COO

Peter is a trusted and a respected board-level advisor, recognised for strategic vision, thought leadership and robust commercial acumen. Peter has an MBA from London Business School.

Bala Murali Krishna

Cyber Security professional

Bala is one of the respected names in Sydney in cyber security. He has a deep expertise in IT security.

Joel Emery

Board Advisor

CIO at Tareo Capital Management with focus on investing in disruptive technologies and business inflections in the global healthcare sector

Pushpendu Ghosh

Blockchain Developer

Pushpendu is MeFy's lead blockchain and JS framework developer.

Brij Kishor Singh

IOT and Biomedical Analyst

Brij is MeFy's IOT and Biomedical electronics analyst and developer.

Subham Dandapat


Subham is MeFy's lead Mobility and JS developer.

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